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Export Orders-Pulp (Two-Piece Floating) Ball Valve


Kata exported a batch of slurry floating ball valves in November this year.

Pulp (Two-Piece Floating) Ball Valve;Size: 2 ";Pressure: 150#/600#; Body: A105N;Bonnet: A105N;Stem: 17-4PH +QPQ;Ball: 410+CrC;Seat: 410+CrC;Operation: GEAREnd connection: RF;

The customer of this order has a high requirement on the quality of the valve. Therefore, manager Li of the production department of our company monitors the whole process of the order, controls every link, and tries his best to be perfect.

It can be seen from the photo display that the valve is a very excellent finished product, and we look forward to customers' comments after receiving the goods.